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We are pleased to announce our dates for major events for 2018. Again this year we had several groups disappointed so this year, we are going to stagger the dates when you can book from, this hopefully will give everyone a fair chance, see below each event for when the opening dates are.

These events are open to any group interested in taking part.

15th-17th June 2018 Scout Badge Weekend

Bookings open now. This years event is something new for us. We will be running 8 Scout Badges, with each participant earning a badge during the course of the weekend.

Please look at the Information sheet for details of whats on offer, In addition to the special events booking form please complete this form as well.We will present the badge at the close of camp.

This is the booking form you will require if attending one of these events. Click Here These weekends cost 30.00 per young person and 15.00 Adult. Deposit is 10.00 per attendee including Leaders booked and is non-refundable. Please note bookings are only accepted when accompanied by the correct deposit.

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